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Today's Hours - 10a to 8p  
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Free Thang

Free Event

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Availability: 2 Remaining

Swim Team Registration

Price breaks the more kids you add!

Swim Lessons with a Guard

Get a private 45 minute lesson with one of our guards

Swim Class for Member or Non-Members

Availability: 6 Remaining

Swim Team Fundraiser

Name your price $ (min $5.00)

BBQ Dinner

Skip Work Day Payment

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Parents Night Out

Availability: 30 Remaining

Pool Birthday Party

Rent the facility, deposit will be added if one not on file

Tennis Round Robin

Availability: 12 Remaining

Tennis Guest Passes

Tennis Team Summer

Buyers, please note your Team's captain at checkout.

Tennis Camp

1 Week Session - Monday-Friday at this time every day

  • 1 Member Child - $100.00
  • 2 Member Children - $175.00
  • 1 Non Member Child - $150.00
  • 2 Non Member Children - $250.00
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Buy your way out of being a Board Member

Stuck on the Board for years? Now you can buy your way out. If another Board Member out-buys you, you're SOL. Set a high price below or else...

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Non Refundable, Non Transferable, and Non-Binding

Adult Pool Party

Hit up our annual adults only rager!

  • 1 Person - $25.00
  • 2 People - $42.50
  • 4 People (best value) - $60.00
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Your kids can definitely not come.

Test Payment

We would like to thank our generous sponsors...

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